Renewable Energy Applications

JCE Energy can successfully design, manufacture and install control systems to be used with a diverse range of renewable energy applications

Small Wind / Remote community power solution


- Small wind turbine supply and installation (SD Wind)

- Feasibility study

- Energy Assessment

Solar Power Systems / off-grid / Grid connected Solar / Hybrid Solution


- Feasibility study, design and execution

- Existing installation assessment

- Re-powering

- Energy Assessment

Backup Battery Systems / Off grid solutions / Remote areas energy storage

Energy Storage

- Battery storage (VRLA, NiCad, Li-Ion) integration with solar and wind hybrid systems

- System sizing and design

- Assessment, integration and re-powering of existing systems

Geothermal control system / Geothermal Scada System / Geothermal Monitoring System


- Fluid Collection Re-injection System (FCRS)

- System production and maintenance

- Heat distribution monitoring systems

- Power Units

Hyrdropower / PLC / SCADA / EPCM / Power cabinets


- PLC and SCADA systems

- EPCM contractor (supply and installation)

- Power cabinets (distribution boards and grid connection)

Wave Power

- System design and integration with hybrid and battery systems

- System sizing and design

- Installation and commissioning

Biomethane / Anaerobic Digestion







Anaerobic Digestion

- EPCM (engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance)

- Existing installation assessment

- Feasibility study, design and project management