Advantages of Installing a Solar Energy System For Your Business


Time is ticking to act on climate net zero goals by 2050. Energy prices are skyrocketing with no slowing down in sight and there is a growing number of severe weather events leading to your business losing power. These are some of the reasons why being solely reliant on the energy grid can be unsustainable and unreliable.

Here at JCE Energy we are an innovative solution provider that design, manufacture, install and maintain alternative energy projects, ensuring the transition is smooth and cost effective.

In this blog we are going to detail the reasons why now is the perfect time to invest in a solar energy system for your business!

Reduced electricity costs

Now more than ever it makes sense to reduce your dependence on the rising energy prices and install commercial solar panels. Recent estimates show the average yearly energy bill will increase 300% from October 2021 to January 2023, with no signs of this figure slowing down! 

Installing a solar energy system does incur an upfront cost, due to the planning and installation of the solar PV panels. However, our clients are saving up to 40% off their energy bill, leading them to recoup their initial investment quickly and enjoy free energy for years to come.

Additionally, solar panels are built for longevity lasting more than 20 years, making them a viable long term solution to produce clean energy. This is a big advantage of solar panels as with little to no maintenance costs and a long lasting life cycle, they provide you with a reliable and cost effective source of energy. 

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Reduce your emissions

There are many ways in which installing solar panels help you to reduce your emissions and help our environment.

Firstly, solar energy is a completely renewable source of energy as it entirely relies on gathering energy from the sun and converting it to electricity. There is plenty sunlight for everyone, therefore there are not the same issues as with finite fossil fuels, which damage the environment from production to consumption. By introducing solar panels to your business you can be a part of the solution not the problem.

Secondly, by introducing a solar energy system to your business you will reduce your consumption of energy from the power grid which is primarily fuelled by fossil fuels, this can reduce your emissions by 60%!

Lastly, as mentioned in the previous section solar panels are built for longevity, therefore their long life cycle will reduce emissions through reduced manufacturing and maintenance. 

Energy stability

Power outages are not uncommon and can occur without any warning causing significant challenges for your business. 

Storms, heatwaves, heavy snow etc. can damage our overworked and out dated power grid, leaving your business to pay the price.

For example, the horrific Storm Arwen in 2021 caused chaos and widespread disruption in the UK, with over 1 million homes / businesses losing power, not to mention some regions went without power for over a week. Therefore having a backup source of power provides you with a sense of security knowing your business will continue to function in these difficult circumstances.

JCE 360 Services

Easy to install

Here at JCE we can support you every step of the way from the design stage all the way through to commissioning of the project.

JCE Energy’s 360° services include: 

  • Feasibility studies (energy consumption analysis, integration with other power sources)
  • Advising the most effective system architecture (Grid Tied, Off Grid, Hybrid)
  • System design, supply, installation & commissioning
  • Re-powering of existing systems
  • Assisting clients with PPA agreements, funding and finance

Additionally, we have numerous case studies on our website that display our ability to meet our clients' energy needs in a wide range of different environments and circumstances. 

Solar Energy System For Your Business

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