Hydrogen (H2) Solutions

In a rapidly changing world, there is increasing pressure and requirements for the reduction in CO2 emissions to slow the rapidly warming climate, with a focus on developing new technologies to help solve this global issue. 

Hydrogen is a clean alternative to methane, a gas used for generations to heat homes and fuel transport. Hydrogen gas has long been seen as a potential replacement for fossil fuels in the energy mix, and one which has a bright future in the fight to slow climate change.

JCE Energy are a complete solutions provider for the hydrogen industry, having a team with 40+ years experience in working with hazardous gases, integrated control systems and off-grid power generation.

Using this expertise, we provide unique off-grid packages integrating hydrogen and fuel cells into our design, which considerably increases system reliability and availability, resulting in minimum operational downtime and maximum emissions savings. 


Our Hydrogen (H2) based solutions: 

- Systems Integrator 

  • JCE have extensive experience in electrical control systems integration with alternative energy technologies. 

- Fuel Cell systems

  • Hydrogen and methanol fuel cells from 20W to 10kW.

- Integrated Control Systems (hybrid power, solar, wind, battery) 

- Complete Off-Grid Hydrogen Power Packs 

- Electrolyser packages (PEM) 

  • Using renewable power sources and demineralised water to produce hydrogen, with a capacity from 1kg H2 per day to 20/30kg per day.

- Hydrogen Generators 

  • Standalone and robust Hydrogen combustion generator packages.

Hydrogen Applications 

  • Off-Grid / Grid Power Supply
  • Hydrogen Power Transport
  • Heavy machinery 
  • Vehicles: Cars, forklifts, golf carts, airport shuttles


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Hydrogen Power Systems | JCE Energy

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