JCE Energy joins the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Association (SHFCA)

We are delighted to announce our new membership with the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA).

The SHFCA promotes and develops Scottish expertise in fuel cells and hydrogen technologies, bringing together expertise and experience of Scotland’s specialised companies, academic institutions, research and development bodies, energy consultants, Scottish Enterprise and local enterprise companies and councils.

There is now an increasing demand for integrated low carbon technologies and services, with a focus on delivering challenging emissions targets within Scotland, UK, and wider European markets. With Scotland at the forefront for delivering the Energy Transition, we are widely seen as one of the most proactive regions in Europe for emerging technologies.

With our on-going development of hydrogen and fuel-cell technology we can now integrate these solutions within our hybrid systems, increasing their reliability and efficiency even in the most challenging and remote locations.

We are excited to be part of this innovative and forward thinking group and contribute to reducing carbon emissions while driving growing in this important industry.

We will be releasing updates on our continued work within this area, and if you are interested in our integrated renewable power systems please contact us today!

JCE Energy joins the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association