Upcoming Webinar: Critical Power for the Digital Oilfield - Solar Success in Hazardous Areas

As remote critical systems for digital oilfield and other industrial applications expand, the need for remote off-grid power grows as well. JCE is a leading design/build firm specializing in the engineering of solar and other powering solutions for oil & gas and other applications, in some of the most challenging environments and locations on the planet. Morningstar Corporation has nearly three decades of experience in building the most reliable solar controlling components in the industry. 


Thursday, March 10th at 16:00pm UK time (GMT) / 11:00am (EST)

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Together, both companies will cover everything you need to know about using solar to power digital oilfield operations—including successful solar power case studies, from the North Sea to the Sahara Desert and the Indian Ocean. In an hour you’ll learn what’s behind hazardous location (HazLoc) certifications and why they are so important for remote powering systems—and ideas for how to implement them.

We'll Cover:                 

  • How solar electricity works in oil & gas upstream and midstream production
  • Why solar is the most cost-effective solution for remote critical power needs
  • What Hazardous Location (HazLoc) ratings mean, in North America (UL/CSA) and International (IECEx/ATEX)
  • Remote communications and data monitoring capabilities
  • JCE and Morningstar case studies of success in the Oil & Gas industry
JCE / Morningstar Webinar: Critical Power in the Digital Oilfield