Power Control Units

Our Power Control Units can be used in conjunction with other JCE Energy supplied products, such as Solar Photovoltaic Panels and Battery Enclosures, to create a cost effective renewable energy power solution for remote locations where traditional power sources are uneconomical due to high infrastructure costs.

The Power Control Unit monitors the incoming power from the Solar Photovoltaic Panel and provides the power to the selected load as well as maintaining that the Battery Enclosure on the system is fully charged to enable it to provide the full voltage required for the desired autonomy. With suitably rated distribution and short circuit components contained within, the controller enclosure provides total protection for the system as well as providing constant voltage and current indication via the panel mounted meters.

To maintain the life of the batteries within the Battery Enclosure, the Power Control Unit also controls battery charging and prevents battery deep discharge. A DC to DC convertor can also be contained within the enclosure which converts 12Vdc to 24Vdc, provides constant 24Vdc battery voltage (battery voltage varies with charge and discharge, 9-13.7Vdc) and for AC applications the DC/DC convertor can be replaced by a DC/AC Invertor.

For systems that don't require a stable supply, this can be powered direct from the controller enclosure.

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Power Control Unit

Power Control Unit Data Sheets

  • Ex Solar Controller

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  • The Solar System we purchased from JCE Energy works exactly to specification and provides the power we require. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all at JCE Energy for their professional and friendly response to our initial request all the way to the on time and within budget of the materials. We are will have no hesitation in working with JCE Energy again on future projects.
    – Bong Yong Ching, General Manager, Exact Automation Sdn Bhd
  • We had a very smooth weekend and are looking forward to being fully commissioned.

    We have found the installation and closure very well managed, many many thanks.
    – Fiona McIntyre, Greyhope Bay
  • I would like to thank you personally for the professional approach adopted by you and your staff during the engineering, installation and commissioning of the systems you have supplied to us.
    – Jeffrey Pilkington, Lead Electrical Engineer, Occidental Petroleum (Qatar) Ltd.
  • I would like to thank you for all the support you have provided over the last 6 months on this Hybrid Power System project and the flexibility you have shown to work with us to help make it a success.
    – Roderick McNeil, Commercial Director, Wind, Oil and Gas Semco Maritime A/S
  • There is a reason we partner with JCE; because you will find a way to get it done and done right!
    – Michael A. DeRosso, Sr. Engineering Technologist, Baker Hughes