SD3EX Wind Turbine

With Zone 2 Certification, our EX approved SD3 is helping to establish safety alongside innovation in the Oil & Gas sector and other hazardous environments.

The integration of the EX approved wind and solar PV hybrid system will allow for significant OPEX reduction by offsetting runtime of diesel generators, which are expensive to operate and maintain, whilst at the same time providing a tried and tested source of renewable energy. Recent installations have demonstrated a 96% OPEX reduction, further highlighting the capability of the SD Wind Energy range.

This specialist system has been operating successfully in the North Sea for over a decade and with an increasing portfolio around the world in the Oil & Gas sector, our ATEX approved solutions are now being recognised as the leading alternative to diesel generators in specialist sectors around the globe.

With the ability to reduce frequent visits via helicopter to these platforms some of these SD3EX installations have paid for themselves in less than 1 day when compared to alternative generators and the methods required to operate and maintain them.

System Benefits

  • ATEX approved
  • 96% OPEX reduction
  • Servicing required only every 2 years
  • Continuous energy generation 24/7
  • Reliable, uninterrupted power supply, even in the harshest weather conditions
  • Reduced running costs compared to diesel generators

Product Specification

Rated Power



Unmanned Oil & Gas platforms, Hazardous Environments


Battery Charge, 24V, 48V, 300V


Downwind, 3 Bladed, Self Regulating


3.9m Diameter

Blade Material

Glass Thermoplastic Composite


Brushless Direct Drive Permanent Magnet

Tower Options

Available on request

Tower Specification

Class 1 Rated / Galvanised Steel

Cut In Speed


Cut Out Speed

None - Continuous Operation

Survival Wind Speed

Designed to Class 1 (70m/s)


2 Years

Colour Options

Black (RAL9005)

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