Off-Grid Renewable Energy System for Rural Bothy

The Client's Request

There are many remote locations that have an unreliable connection or no access to the grid for a secure source of energy.

In this case, our client approached us for support in providing a power solution for a Bothy located in a remote estate.

A Bothy is a basic shelter or accommodation often used for gardeners or estate workers and is primarily found in rural mountainous areas.

They requested an off-grid renewable power solution which could provide reliable power to a number of loads in the Bothy, used by their estate workers, to run appliances including a fridge, kettle, TV, heating and charging ports.

The Challenge

The Bothy is located in a remote location which can only be accessed by ferry, with a limited service in adverse weather conditions. This lead to challenges with the transportation of personnel.

Secondly, the Bothy cannot be accessed by larger vehicles, therefore materials such as the wind turbine tower had to be flat packed and transported by van.

Additionally, the energy solution needed to withstand and deliver reliable energy in harsh weather conditions.

The Solution

Initially, JCE Energy completed an on-site survey and feasibility study, outlining the most efficient means of providing power for the unique requirements of this Bothy.

Subject to the brief, JCE Energy designed, supplied, installed and commissioned an off-grid renewable power solution. This particular system comprised of 8 x 365W solar panels, 1 x 1kW wind turbine, 2 x 400Ah battery banks and a small silent backup generator.

The adverse weather conditions at the location meant that availability of energy was hugely important, therefore within our system there were 2 back up sources of power (wind turbine and small diesel generator), generating a 99% availability rate. 

The battery bank we installed can provide 3 days of autonomous charge, further increasing the reliability and availability of the energy system.


Off-Grid Renewable Power

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