M&E package for Biomethane Power Plant

The Client's Request

The client required a suitable, reliable and experienced contractor to cover the M&E working package including ATEX installations for a 450 Nmc/h Biomethane Power Plant.

The scope of the project also required us to support the client’s design team, helping them select the right equipment/methods to allow the plant to operate more efficiently.

The Challenge

As the location for the plant was in Scotland, we experienced severe weather conditions that required additional detailed planning for onsite operations and safety. Due to the nature of the biomethane process, we needed to select suitable ATEX equipment to avoid explosion in the case of a gas release. The complexity and size of the plant required particular engineering expertise to increase the plant efficiency and ease of maintenance.

The Solution

JCE Energy led the procurement and installation of:

  • Mixers and submersible pumps
  • Tank domes
  • Pipelines
  • Instrumentation, power cabinets
  • Pasteuriser and boiler units
  • Stairways and walkways

We supported the client’s electrical/mechanical design team to optimise the process, allowing ease of maintenance for any section of the plant.

Our solutions allowed for minimal disruption to the working operations of the site, ensuring efficiency and safety of personnel at all times.

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