Ex Solar Power Bird Scaring Solution

The Client's Request

We were approached by a client to assist with a costly ongoing situation they were faced with, involving thousands of birds using their platforms in the Persian Gulf as a roost and location for breeding. The result was very damaging, causing severe erosion of cables, equipment and structures, along with continual shutdowns of power systems.

Our client had to send out teams of cleaners, either by workboat or by helicopter, to deal with the problem on a regular basis. Since the residue was highly corrosive, it was also very toxic resulting in the teams having to wear breathing apparatus and protective clothing. The net result was very problematic to operations and very expensive to rectify.

The Challenge

We sat down with the engineers and suggested the use of bird scaring techniques as used in airports and other sensitive industries. They indicated that although unmanned, the platforms were still classed as Zone 1 or Zone 2 hazardous areas. Also there was no additional power available on the locations to secure instruments and control devices.

The Solution

After extensive discussions, the Ex Solar Power System was born. The complete system included solar panels, batteries and control units mounted on a steel frame. Installed on the frame were conventional bird scaring digital components within the Ex enclosures and two Ex regular horns.

The packages were shipped to Doha, in component form, and assembled by the client’s staff in their own warehouses. This was carried out under the supervision of JCE engineers and the testing was carried out as a team.

The Ex Solar Power Systems were then transported to the multiple platforms and they proved to be a huge success. The birds are now seeking alternative roosting sites, therefore our client reported reduced costs and their employees no longer had to operate in unsafe conditions.

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