Portable Hybrid Power Module for the Construction Industry

The Client's Request

One of our clients was experiencing high costs related to the overnight power supply of the dry room, part of their office welfare facilities, for one of their sites. The operations that required power resulted in high costs, causing problems for the internal management of the project, which affected timescale and logistics. They approached JCE Energy in order to find a solution to eradicate these issues and improve their internal efficiency, as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

The Challenge

As the integration of the site into grid had not been fully established, the power solution had to be supplied off-grid. Also as the neighbouring developments were occupied, the system had to be designed to limit noise pollution as the power was required overnight.

The Solution

The solution was to provide power overnight using the Portable Hybrid Power Pod, working in conjunction with the diesel generator as a primary or backup power supply. The control system enabled the generator to be switched off during the night and periods of low power consumption.

The final result was a reduction in fuel consumption (30%), reduction of working activities related to the O&M of the diesel generator (-70%) and largely reduced CO2 emissions (-20%).

According to the CIOB report 006/2010 'Reducing the footprint of the construction process', there could be an estimated £45M in fuel savings and 200,000 tonnes of CO2 for the UK construction industry per year, solely from supplying renewable energy sources to power welfare/office cabins.

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Portable Hybrid Power Module Portable Hybrid Power Module