Hybrid Power System for an Unmanned Platform

The Client's Request

Our client required a cost effective system to supply power for telecoms, navaids, bird deterrent systems, foghorns and other utilities on their unmanned platform in the Danish sector of the North Sea.

The Challenge

Due to the fact that it was required for an unmanned platform, the system had to be fully operational without the supervision of personnel. The design of the system also had to be robust enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. We also had to consider the weight of the system as it had to be transported to the platform and loaded onto the deck.

The Solution

JCE Energy completed manufacture and delivery of a Zone 1 Hybrid Power System, with an installed capacity of 20kW. This particular system comprised of a Zone 2 Wind Turbine, Solar Panels & Battery Enclosures, accompanying Zone 1 Battery Isolators and a Solar/Wind Controller Package, all affixed to an appropriate framework, for standalone installation on the facility. The renewable energy power solution converts and provides reliable power in both wind and sunlight, also during periods of darkness, shade and limited UV. It is also fully autonomous, which will generate significant cost savings for the client as maintenance and inspection will be minimal.


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Hybrid Power System for Unmanned Platform
Fully customisable Hybrid Power System