Aquaculture / Fish Farm Sector

Aquaculture, often commonly referred to as fish farming is a highly energy intensive industry due to the feeding, cooling and storage processes necessary for operating.

Fish farms are actively located in remote coastal areas, with little or no grid connection available to adequately meet the power requirements for infrastructure and welfare facilities. To power these intensive activities they therefore require the constant use of diesel generators to provide sufficient electricity, which is highly damaging to the local air quality while contributing to growing emissions.

With the aquaculture industry growing at an increasing rate to satisfy fish demand and support the food security chain, it is also met with governmental / regulatory challenges to reduce their carbon footprint and lower CO2 emissions from operations.

JCE Energy are highly experienced in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of off-grid renewable power systems, suitable for integration with fish farming processes and infrastructure. Not only do our solutions ensure a positive environmental footprint, they are a cost-effective option in generating a reliable source of electricity, while establishing low operational and maintenance costs.

Fish Farm Services

- Energy management and optimisation of energy in fish farms

- System design and integration

- Installation and commissioning

- Energy assessment and monitoring

Fish Farm Power Solutions

Our marine grade equipment is fully suitable for aquacultural and fish farming purposes, built to withstand extreme weather conditions and high salt levels. We can provide:

- Complete Hybrid Power Systems (solar, wind, battery integration)

- Solar panels

- Small wind turbines (3kW, 6kW)

- Battery systems

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