Off-grid power solutions for the construction industry

Temporary and off-grid power is frequently required by companies working in the construction sector, which demonstrate a number of challenges when securing uninterruptible and economically viable power.

When a grid/mains connection is unavailable or deemed too costly, a diesel generator is typically used as an alternative source of power. 24/7 power supplied by a generator can prove extremely costly due to fuel and maintenance required for continued operation, alongside environmental pollution.

With variable power demands required throughout both night and day, site cabins, equipment, showers and lighting must be maintained. Using renewable and alternative energy systems such as hybrid power, in conjunction with traditional sources, can provide silent power which is both environmentally friendly and cost effective, reducing generator fuel costs and maintenance.

How can JCE help these overcome these challenges in the construction sector?

We have a number of renewable and hybrid solutions that are custom tailored to suit the requirements of construction sites, supplying off-grid power systems which are portable, cost-effective and low maintenance.

We can further offer an energy assessment service to fully understand your load consumption, utilising our energy data logger. This ensures we offer a system which meets with your true and accurate power requirements, without the risk of over-sizing.

Read our case study on the construction industry or view our range of suitable products here.

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Renewable and Hybrid solutions for the construction industry