The Marine Sector

Operating within the marine industry brings many challenges in itself, with environmental factors such as harsh ocean conditions and high winds battering vessels, carriers, tankers and offshore installations.

For equipment to survive and operate effectively in these conditions, they must be built to resist the high salt levels and corrosion which all have damaging impacts.

Our Off-Grid Marine Solutions

At JCE Energy, we have many years’ experience dealing with marine equipment and our solutions ensure clients can operate safely while reducing both costs and downtime.

We can design, manufacture and supply a range of marine grade equipment, suitable for harsh weather conditions and saliferous atmospheres including:

- Marine grade Solar PV Panels (safe area / ATEX / IECEx)

- Marine grade Class 1 wind turbines (SD3 & SD6)

- Marine grade battery enclosures & systems

- Shore 2 Ship power solutions

- We further provide a full range of marine grade electrical control systems and products at JCE Group

Our off-grid marine power solutions ensure you are always supported with a reliable, eco-friendly and silent source of power for harbours, ports, vessels, buoys and offshore installations.

Our Wave Power Solutions

JCE Energy can provide a revolutionary, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly wave power solution through our highly reputable partners.

The technology can be deployed worldwide with the construction of a commercial-scale wave energy generator suitable for any location with constant waves and ocean structures, such as breakwaters, piers, cliffs, and fixed or floating platforms. As the wave generators are not fixed to the seabed, the system does not build a new presence in the sea and further ensures there is no interference to the existing marine environment.

The installation process for the technology is fast, simple and reliable, proving a valuable asset for means of clean & renewable power generation, with the ability for easy integration with existing infrastructure or control systems technology.

Our wave power and energy solutions are free from noise pollution and all waste, are visually pleasing and do not generate gaseous emissions. The systems are 100% environmentally friendly and clean, with no pollution associated with installation and on-going operations/maintenance.

Eco Wave Generators | Technological advantages/benefits:

  • Mechanisms for storm-protection
  • Simple, efficient and straightforward maintenance
  • Corrosion-resistant (protection)
  • Shock-wave & vibration protection
  • Lever regulation system
  • Mechanisms for floating position protection
  • Flexible & modular structure

How does the system work?

1. Floater: floater moves with motion of waves

2. Piston: motion moves a piston, compressing hydraulic fluid

3. Accumulator:: accumulator stores compressed fluid

4. Hydraulic Motor: When compressed fluid is released, the energy turns a hydraulic motor

5. Generator: hydraulic motor turns an electric generator, producing clean electricity

6. Hydraulic Fluid Tank: Hydraulic fluid returns to a tank, where it is stored until the next wave

Wave Power Generation: How it works

Want to find out more about the Wave Energy Solutions or how you can integrate it with your existing infrastructure or renewable technologies?

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