Mining and Quarries

Power Systems for Mining and Quarries

The mining and quarry industries are largely reliant on substantial sources of power to support heavy operations, traditionally using a grid connection which is frequently unstable (remote locations) or diesel generators. With off grid mines generally dependent on fossil fuels, advancing technology in the renewable sector has ensured hybrid, solar and wind systems are now an effective and economically viable solution for reducing harmful emissions, HFO and service/maintenance costs, while increasing the power quality/reliability.

JCE's off-grid hybrid power systems provide a realistic, efficient and manageable source of power to the mining and quarry industry, providing an alternative method through plug and play renewable energy systems.

Typical applications for our off-grid hybrid power systems:

- Portable and lightweight module for temporary power solutions
- Silent power for accommodation modules and welfare cabins
- Ancillary and critical operating equipment
- Communications, lighting, alarms, CCTV and monitoring systems
- Peak load support
- JCE can further provide a unique Lightpath safety solution integrated with our off grid renewable solutions, suitable for Zone 1 hazardous areas.
Mining with off-grid hybrid power systems