Water & Wastewater Sector

Water & Wastewater Industry Challenges

There are many challenges faced today in the water &wastewater industry with control, automation, data acquisition and communication issues increasingly present within treatment plants, lift stations, pipelines, tanks and other vital infrastructure.

Finding effective solutions to many of these on-going challenges can be difficult under normal circumstances, but particularly when operations are located within remote or hazardous areas.

Our water & wastewater electrical and off grid solutions

JCE Energy are highly experienced electrical equipment manufacturers and project engineers providing a range of industrial & ATEX compliant power cabinets, control systems and advanced solutions to increase operational efficiency.

Our breadth of expertise ensures we can fully support reliable data acquisition services for remote locations to monitor and support:

- Legionella Control- Power System Synchronisation
- Flow Rate Control - Power Consumption Analysis
- Chemical Monitoring and Injection - Power Quality
- Leak Detection- Process and Water Control
- Instrumentation

With the rapid growth in technology, our ability to integrate SCADA systems with Internet of Things (IoT) ensures our solutions are scalable, efficient and responsive to the real time demand for data and analytics. This means you can focus more on essential operations and less on process management, while we take care of application improvements and reducing your downtime.

Reliable data acquisition is further necessary to run successful condition based monitoring (CBM), which involves measuring the status of multiple assets simultaneously, to ensure the right maintenance is done at the right time.

Water & Wastewater Off-Grid Renewable Power Solutions

Additionally, we can support remote operations with our range of standalone renewable power systems, designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions while supplying reliable power 24/7.

Our off grid power systems include advanced integration with solar, wind, and battery technology to provide reduced operational and maintenance costs.

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